Cans aren’t just for stockpiling.

Soccer moms tend to have a soccer team of their own, each night. Pull out any 3 can combination and ouila!

This one comes to us from, “No Man Know My Pastries”. If you haven’t had the pleasure of skimming through, I highly recommend it! Be careful though, not all recipes are meant for human consumption.

[lt_recipe name=”Artie’s Choke Chicken Salad” servings=”4″ print=”yes” image=”×214.jpg” ingredients=”2 cups cooked chicken;1 can artichokes, diced;1 cup peeled, diced celery;1 cup chunk pineapple ;1 cup seedless green grapes;3/4 cup Mayoniase” ]Mix all ingredients together and serve on a bed of lettuce.[/lt_recipe]