Thanksgiving is one of only 10 federal holidays in the US.

While some workers work holidays, the majority of workers can be thankful on Thanksgiving for a nice meal with their meals. This year, many businesses have announced they will not start Black Friday on Thursday- freeing more workers to enjoy a meal with their family.

It got us thinking, what foods will every one be eating? Are some states crazier for corn than others? Anyone cheesing out? We analyzed Google searches to determine each state’s favorite Thanksgiving side.

The results? Thanksgiving may be called Turkey Day, but maybe it should be called mashed potato day. Or mac ‘n cheese day.


Mashed potatoes are the favorite of 10 states.

Right behind mashed potatoes is mac n’ cheese- 7 states know that it’s not Thanksgiving without the cheesy, delicious dish.

While most states are reaching for the carbs, Maine is all about that side salad.

The south isn’t a casserole belt, but the Midwest can’t get enough – especially of green bean casserole

Alabama doesn’t eat stuffing, they like “dressing” AKA southern people stuffing.

Only New Hampshire is a big fan of cranberry sauce.

Biscuits. Rolls. Crescent rolls. Forget, fancy sides, just toss some rolls in the oven.

47 states want their sides carby, cheesy, potato-y and delicious. Only 3 are reaching for veggies more.


Using Google Trends, we determined what Thanksgiving side each state eats a disproportionate amount of. We examined over 20 Thanksgiving classics. From there, we determined what side is searched a disproportionately, high amount.

For example, while Maine eats all the Thanksgiving classics the rest of the country does, the search interest in side salad is excessively higher than the remaining states- making side salads more popular in Maine than anywhere else.

Some controversial decisions were made, including counting gravy as a side. However, since it’s not a main dish and hopefully isn’t being consumed as a beverage, our hands were tied. Sorry if your family has an uncommon tradition of shrimp cocktails, Red Lobster Cheddar biscuits, or whatever oddity for Turkey day.

Your family is weird, and didn’t fall into our data. However, it should be a good representation on what most of us chow down on at Thanksgiving.

We looked at the month of November 2019 to determine what folks are searching for the most in each state. Traffic for most Thanksgiving sides sky rockets on Thanksgiving day (Turns out, when you’re googling “how to make mashed potatoes”, so it most of America.)

How this year changes (if it does) won’t be apparent until after Thanksgiving- and who wants to wait that long? Luckily, odds are good most of us will still be making mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, and other favorites this year– and probably in 2050, too.


Let’s be real, Thanksgiving turkey isn’t always that great.

We’ve all been forced to choke down a dry turkey, murmuring, “This is great,” to the chef. Or had to wait hours for the turkey to be done.

Shoot, cooking a turkey is such a wild card, ham or another meat is served side by side.

So, let’s give recognition to where it’s deserved- the sides. Stuffing, mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, and more are the real heroes of the day.

The best part? You don’t have to choose just one. So pile your plate high with green bean casserole and rolls, maybe some cranberry sauce too. Put it right over the turkey, why don’t you, and just enjoy.

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