Cook of Mormon


Cook of Mormon is a food truck open Friday and Saturday nights in downtown Salt Lake City. Follow us at @cookofmormon to stay up to date on where exactly we'll be.


Cook of Mormon is available to cater events of 50-100 people, but only on Friday and Saturday nights and only in the Salt Lake Valley. Please drop us a line if you want more information.


Classic Scone with Honey Butter--$3

Peanut Butter and Jelly Scone--$4

Cream cheese, banana, nutella/maple syrup Scone--$5

Funeral Potatoes (veg or ham)--$4

Bratwurst (or Not Dog)--$5

2 oz. cups of Jello are always free

Mormon Recipes

Some of the tastiest treats and savoriest eats of Mormondom.

Cook of Mormon Food Truck